6 ways to keep your new puppy healthy

Posted by Carlos Aguiar on Saturday, March 7, 2015 Under: new puppy
  1. DIET-quality puppy food, that is balanced and has all the nutrients needed for a growing dog. Feed 3 times a day or free choice.
  2. BEHAVIOR- talk with a dog trainer about aggression or destructive behaviors. This is the number 1 reason that owners have to give up their pets.
  3. DENTAL CARE- get your new puppy to like having his teeth cleaned. Use appropriate toothpaste and brush to keep the mouth healthy.
  5. PARASITE PREVENTION AND VACCINATION- monthly deworming to prevent heartworm, intestinal parasite, fleas and ticks. First vaccine at 6wks and then every 3wks until 18wks.
  6. spay or neutering- spaying before 6mos prevents mammary tumors. In males will decrease incidence of testicular tumor, prostate disease and perianal hernias. 
If you have any questions send them to us. They will be answered by a veterinarian. 

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