About Us

Services offered at your home:


Preventive Medicine- The focus of our practice is on prevention, so with every house call your pet will receive a comprehensive physical exam, vaccinations (if required), and any medicine your pet may need.

Diagnostic Medicine- Dogs and cats can’t tell you when they’re sick. That's why  diagnostic tests are sometimes needed. We are outfitted to perform the appropriate diagnostics. The samples for blood panels, fecal exams, urinalysis, biopsies, bacteriological cultures, etc. can be easily obtained in the stress-less environment of your home. 

Travel certificates and Puppy certificates 

Home Euthanasia- No pet should have to die in the cold and clinical setting of a hospital. The last moments of your pet’s life should be full of compassion and dignity, in the loving comfort of their own home. 

Online Veterinary Pharmacy - Get your pet's meds conveniently  auto-shipped to your home.

Service Area: Duval,Clay, St. Johns County